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If you have readen all the articles of our blog (http://whyeuropewhynot.wordpress.com/) seriously, now, you can play to our quiz. Enjoy this game !

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Question 1
The Treaty of Rome in 1957 included six countries which wanted to deepen their collaboration. These countries were :

Germany, Spain, Italy, France, England, Belgium
Italy, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands
Belgium, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy
France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, England
Question 2
The Treaty of Maastrich, the constituent treaty of the European Union, was signed in :

Question 3

The European flag is blue with 12 golden stars, which symbolize :

The twelve countries which composed the EEC between 1986 and 1995
The different european populations, united in a perfect circle
The wealth of Europe
Question 4

The "euro", put into circulation the 1st January 2002, is the common currency of :

12 EU states
15 EU states
18 EU states
122 EU states
Question 5

Which cities does the Eurostar connect with London ?

Question 6

What are the powers of the European Parlement ?

Legislative power
Judicial power
Political control of the European institutions
Budget power
Executive power
Question 7
Which council gathers representants of all the governments of the European Union ?

The council of Europe
The council of the EU
The European council
Question 8

The population of Europe represents :

11% of the world's population
20% of the world's population
43% of the world's population
Question 9
Which part of their GNP do the Danish and the Dutch dedicate to social protection ?

Less than 10%
More than 30%
Question 10

What is the main religion in Europe ?

Question 11
How was called the European Union after the entry of Austria, Finland and Sweden ?

The Europe of the 15
The New European Union
The Europe of the 20
Question 12
If a country wants to enter the EU, it must answer to some criteria which are for example :

A GDP per capita over 20 000 euros
Human Rights
The capacity to assume the obligations of a member state
To be a Catholic country
Question 13

What is the role of Burgundy in Europe ?

A land of welcome and passage
The headquarters of the EU
The headquarters of the Organization of European Agriculture
Question 14

Which are the four "European Capitals" ?

Brussels, London, Strasbourg and Luxembourg
Brussels, Berlin, Strasbourg and London
Brussels, Frankfurt, Strasbourg and Luxembourg
Question 15
What are the main objectives of the EU ?

Economic prosperity
To help the South Countries
To meet in a single political party
The promotion of democracy
Question 16
What is the motto of the european countries ?

"It is better to be extraordinary together rather than ordinary seperately"
"United in diversity"
"In God we trust"
"Unity is strenght"
Question 17

The "Grand Dijon" took part in 2009 in three European cooperation projects, which are :

The fight against global warning
The fight against poverty
The development of rail high speed lines
An economic aid for the young entrepreners
The development of urban transports
Question 18
Which of these countries are candidates to join the EU?

Question 19

What is the official European anthem ?

Vivaldi's Four Seansons
Beethoven's Ode to Joy
Beethoven's Ode to Love
Question 20

Why does it become difficult for the countries to finance pensions and medical rate ?

Because of the increase of the population
Because of the aging of the population
Because of the medicine progress

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