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Quiz 1ES3 on Brexit by Jonathan Blanchet, Tomas Féger & Julie le Bricquon

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Question 1

1) What does the term «  Brexit » mean  ? Look at this picture .

It refers the output of the belgium of the European Union .
It refers the output of the United Kingdom of the Europe
It refers the output of the Scotland of the European Union
It refers the output of the United Kingdom of European Union .
Question 2

How has it been organized ?

Referundum decided by David Cameroun
It is the government who decided to leave or to stay in European Union
It is European Union who chose to get rid United Kingdom
Is the queen who ruled to leave or to stay
Question 3

Who's in this photo ?

The chairman of the european parliament, Martin Schluz
The previous prime minister, David Cameroun
The current mayor of London, Sadik Khan
The minister for the economy of the United Kingdon, Philip Hammond
Question 4

What was the opinions of David Cameroun on the Brexit ?

He was against
He was for to leave from European Union
He was hesitant
He didn't care
Question 5

Who's this woman, who became prime minister in 12/13/2016?

It's Theresa May
It's the queen of England
It's Andrea Lidsom, a rival to Theresa May to become price minister
That was the current health minister
Question 6

When this referendum take place ?

May, 23,2016
June, 23, 2016
July, 23, 2016
August, 23, 2016
Question 7

What pourcentage of English voted on June, 23, 2016?

A quarter, 25%
Half, 50%
72%, almost three quarters
Three quarters, 75%
Question 8

What's the result of this vote ?

50% : there will be a second vote
48.1% of voters for the output of European Union (17.4 million persons ) and 51.9% of voters against the output of European Union
51.9% of voters for the output of Europe ( 17.4 million persons ) ans 48.1 of votersagainst the output ( 16.1 million persons )
99% of voters for output of European Union
Question 9

Who was called to elect ?

The british living in the united kingdom ans living abroad
Question 10

Who was against the brexit ?

The conservatives conducted by David Cameroun
The queen
Question 11

But who was for the brexit ?

The government
The former mayor of London Boris Jonhson, the UKIP, the party for independence of United Kingdom
Question 12

How is represented UKIP here, the far right of United Kingdom

By the prime minister, David Cameroun
By european presidents : F.Hollande, A.Merkel, and the leader of Europe
By a duck
By the kayak
Question 13

According to the polls, which part was to win in 1 month of the referendum ?

The side for the Brexit, widely
Widely the side of "Remain", conducted by David Cameroun
The election was to close to call
They hadn't idea
Question 14

How many time could last the process if Brexit ?

Two more years, for negociating new agreements with European Union
Then Few weeks, at most
Then a few months, without doubts
In a year, this is over !
Question 15

What are the consequences for the foreigners ?

Nothing's going to change
Fallback of investments Chinese and American and you need visa to enter in United Kingdom
It'll cost more!
Question 16

What are the consequences for the british ?

Fall in house prices in London rising unemployment, and fewer tourists
Higher salaries, more job ans economy now
Question 17

In the future, what countries are succeptible to doing also one Brexit ?

Sweden, France, Holland
Sweden, Denmark, Scotland
Germany, sweden, Hollan
Sweden, Denmark, Holland
Question 18

What do you think of this cartoon ?

It is going well for European Union : countries are in good stead
European Union haven't problems on immigration
This caricature show the weakness of European Union and the leak of United Kingdom
European Union haven't worry on her economy
Question 19

Why did David Cameroun resign and pick up the pace for Theresa May ?

Because he was low-paid
He argued with the queen
He doesn't share the opinion of the british
He was affraid while the country to come to disaster
Question 20

Today how many countries are in European Union ?


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