Super size me

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Question 1
What is not are the consequences of junk food on health ?

High blood pression
Question 2
What the name of actor ?

Morgan Travers
Morgan Spurlock
Morgan Spurlocls
Morgan Stone
Question 3
What is good writing ?

Mc donald
Mac Donald's
Mc Donald's
Mc Do
Question 4
Why does the french woman prefer french Mc Donald's ?

Sound very clean
Best food
Question 5
Who drink 52 litres ?

Tammy Howlet
Bruce Howlett
Morgan Spurlock
Tommy Howlett
Question 6
What is the right definition ?

Junk food is food that is right in calories
Junk food is low in nutritional content
Junk food is good food but low in content
Junk food is food that is right in calories but low in nutritional content
Question 7
What is the "Super size me" ?

The small size
The biggest size
The average size
The big size
Question 8
What follows the slogan " Do no eat to fat, too sugar and ..." ?

Question 9
How much weight took Morgan Spurlock ?

- 5 Kg
Between 5 and 10 Kg
10 Kg
+ 10 Kg
Question 10
What does the film denounce ?

Health care
Fast food hygiene
Working condition
Adverse effets of fast food
Question 11
Morgan has imposed 5 rules among the 4 which is false ?

He has to eat is 3 daily meals at Mc Donald's
He as to try every dish at Mc Donald's at least once
He must practice walking like a typical American, all most 10 000 not a day
It must take the option "Super size" whenever it is offered
Question 12
How many day does he start having chest pain ?

21 days
5 days
13 days
19 days
Question 13
What is the slogan on the "Super size me" poster ?

I like it' !
I'm lovin it !
I'm lovin' it !
I like it !
Question 14
Why do two women fil a complaint against Mc Donald ?

Because they never eat burgers
Because of obesity
Because it's not clean
Because they got sick
Question 15
How many times does he eat at Mc Donald's ?

2 times
3 times
4 times
5 times

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