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Question 1
What was his first film?

He made Duel.
He made Jaws.
He made Firelight.
Question 2
What oscar did he fist win?

He won the oscar of the best director.
He won the oscar of the best music.
He won the oscar of the best actor.
Question 3
How many jurassic park movies did he directed?

He directed 3 films.
He directed 2 films.
He directed 4 films.
Question 4
What film was the most expensive?

It was Indiana Jones 4.
It was The adventure of Tintin.
It was Jurassic park.
Question 5
Who's the composer of most Spielberg's films?

It is Danny Elfman.
It is John Williams.
It is James Horner.
Question 6
What star wars reference is in Indiana Jones?

There are R2-D2 and C3PO on hieroglyphs.
There is a lightsaber.
There is a Yoda sentence
Question 7
Which of his films begins with a beach in Normandy?

It's 1941.
It's Saving private Ryan.
It's War of the worlds.
Question 8
What belgian character did he adapt to the cinema?

He adapted Asterix.
He adapted Spirou.
He adapted Tintin.
Question 9
In how many movies did he play?

He played in 5 films.
He played in 14 films.
He played in 0 films.
Question 10
Which of these films did not he direct?

He didn't direct Back to the futur.
He didn't direct Lincoln.
He didn't direct Amistrad.


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