Nikola Tesla Lycée Saint Joseph

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Question 1
What was Tesla's name ?

His name was Nicola
His name was Nikola
His name was Nicolas
Question 2
When did he die ?

He died on June 26th 1955
He died on April 6th 1950
He died on January 7th 1943
Question 3
Where did he die ?

He died in Melbourne
He died in New York
He died in Texas
Question 4
When was he born ?

He was born on July 10th 1856
He was born on February 14th 1850
He was born on April 1st 1846
Question 5
Where was he born ?

He was born in Mexico
He was born in Croatia
He was born in Russia
Question 6
What nationality was he ?

He was Australian
He was Russian
He was American
Question 7
How old was he when he died ?

He was 90 years old
He was 86 years old
He was 84 years old
Question 8
How tall was he ?

He was 1,88 m tall
He was 1,91 m tall
He was 1,75 m tall
Question 9
How heavy was he ?

He weighed 80 kilos
He weighed 64 kilos
He weighed 50 kilos
Question 10
What was his job ?

He was a priest
He was a singer
He was an inventor

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