AIRBUS A320 Random FCOM questions in may

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Random airbus questions

Question 1
Flying FL150, the Gross Weight (GW) of your a320 is 60 tons, what is your green dot speed?

120 kt
160 kt
200 kt
Question 2
Flying FL340, the Gross Weight (GW) of your a320 is 64 tons, what is your green dot speed?

158 kt
178 kt
222 kt
228 kt
Question 3
On the Flight Control Unit (FCU), turning the HDG/TRK knob without pulling it, displays a value that is the sum of the turn action value, how long this value is displayed before the dashes reappear?

10 sec
30 sec
45 sec
50 sec
Question 4
Taxi with one engine shutdown, it's recommended to retain the use of ENG1 to maintain?

The Green HYD system for normal breaking
The Green HYD system for ALT/PARK BRK
The Yellow HYD system for the Nose Wheel Steering (NWS)
The Yellow HYD system for the EMER GEN
Question 5
On the ventilation overhead panel, both BLOWER and EXTRACT pb get amber FAULT lights, it means?

Along a warning ECAM and smoke detected in the avionics ventilation duct
Both packs are OFF
You are in flight mode
The differential pressure is less than 1 PSI

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