Oliver Twist

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Question 1
In the workhouse, what does Oliver say to the master ?

"Please, sir, I want some more"
"Please, sir, I want some bread"
"Please, sir, I want some rice"
Question 2
When he was an apprentice as an undertaker, what sort of food is Oliver given ?

The meat for the dog
The meat for the cat
The meat for the other boy
Question 3
What is his relationship with the other apprentice ?

He falls in love
He fight with
He's just a friend
Question 4
At the beginning of the movie, how far is Oliver from London ?

60 miles
70 miles
80 miles
Question 5
What does Fagin learn to do to Oliver ?

To sweep the chemneys
To make coffins
To steal
Question 6
What do Nancy and Beth do for living ?

They are prostitutes
They sing in an Opera
They steal
Question 7
The police think it's Oliver who stole the handkerchief, but it's false. So, who stole it ?

Fagin and his friend
Claypole and his friend
The Dodger and his friend
Question 8
At the police station, what does Oliver do ?

He passes out
He dances
He cries
Question 9
After he was proved innocent, who takes Oliver home ?

The bookshop owner
The victim of the robbery
The policeman
Question 10
At the end of the movie, where does Oliver live ?

In the workhouse
In the street
In a Victorian house


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