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A new design for the results

Today we release a new version of the page of quiz results ! We designed it with several objectives in mind :

- a greater look !
- slightly faster to load
- more compact results, understandable in the blink of an eye
- an easier to browse page with the suggestions which now come after the answers
- a page that makes it easy to play other quizes with more suggestions, presented in a nicer way
- a design which is now able to host... new features which are coming soon !

We also added a new slot with the best sellers from Amazon, presented in a nice caroussel. If you feel like buying one, don't hesitate anymore ;) To be completely transparent with you, if you click and buy a product, Amazon will give us a 5% commission on its price. This will help pay a small part of the monthly fees for Quizity's server.

We hope you like it :) See you soon !

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