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Last week, we had the visit of a few spammers ! The kind of people who want to become your friend and then ask you to send money in cash to Africa. As a consequence, the sending of new comment alerts by e-mail has been disturbed.

These spammers have been promptly caught in our anti-spam system, but still they were annoying. And since we now have hundreds of visitors everyday on Quizity, the probability that such events reoccur is rising. But fortunately it is still rare because Quizity truly has a great, nice and welcoming community !!

Anyway, for the sake of safety, we decided to adopt a new moderation system to react even more quickly and efficiently to spam or abuse. It also means that one day if we need it, we may offer some of you the possibility to become a moderator on Quizity ! Since our new interface does not require technical skills, anyone can use it. Finally, let's just remind that this is not censorship at all, we just try to garantee true Quizity members' peace of mind :)

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