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Manage the frequency of your notifications

You probably alreay noticed the change in your inbox : we gave our notifications e-mails a new look ! We hope they are now better looking and easier to read, but this change also hides a new functionality. As we told you in March, you can now choose to receive fewer e-mails from Quizity !

Until now, the rule was : 1 notification = 1 e-mail. Today, you can choose to batch several notifications in one e-mail, for example a daily e-mail that will give you an update on what happened during the last 24 hours. Of course, you will only get an e-mail if you have unread notifications. You may choose among five profiles to determine the frequency at which you wish to receive your notification. It goes from nearly immediate notifications to weekly e-mails, or even no mails at all.

Go to your member account to set it up !

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