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A referendum at Quizity

In these times of presidential elections, referendums are very trendy. Here at Quizity, we are not candidates but we have decided we'd hold one too, just for fun !

So here's the deal. Quizity's best ranked members are getting dangerously close to the current last level, that is level 36. The question is : do you wish there were a couple more levels on top of that ? Would you like to "finally" reach the last level, or would you be disappointed that the game is "already over" ?

We think of a level 37 at 100 000 points, and a final level 38 at 200 000 points. That way, they would be so hard to reach that they would be a kind of Holy Grail :) There will be new ways of winning points shortly though... What do you think ? Tell us down below !

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