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As as followup on our last article, we'd like to thank Themiz, Maddax and HugoSHOW for reporting the image upload issue in IE9. It is now fixed.

We know such bugs are annoying for you, just remember they are just as annoying for us ! Browsers evolve quickly, always at a faster pace. They break things on our site and it is exhausting for us too.

You should know that building a website is like buiding your own house. While you are focused on working on electricity, plumbing may break apart at any time. And when you add a new floor, you may damage the lower bedrooms ! And the bigger the house is, the more things may go wrong !

The point is, we can never be aware of everything and very often, you will notice bugs before we do ! So it's important that you report them to us if you want them fixed :)

PS: we've seen more issues in IE9 on the creation management page... a busy week-end is coming up !

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