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Hello everybody,

we're now in late September and the new stuff is still not here, sorry ! As you'll see pretty soon, it's quite something we're doing and it requires work accross the whole site. Be patient...

To help you keep waiting, we still have a small new functionality to announce. From now on, the URLs in quiz explanations and text blocks will be directly converted into links ! For example, "http://www.youtube.com" will be converted to "http://www.youtube.com". Reminder : a URL must begin with "http://".

To use this, there is nothing special to do, URLs are detected and converted automatically provided that they start with "http://".

However, if your URL has a space in it, you'll have to add a little markup like this : [url]http://www.example.com/my file.pdf[/url].

And finally, if you'd rather add a link on some text, like "here is a nice Youtube video", just write "here is a [url=http://www.youtube.com]nice Youtube video[/url]".

This system will soon be implemented for comments too :)

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