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New illustrations on home page

Just a word to hint at a new series of illustrations, which we have added on the home page next to the gallery. Design is like changing the wallpaper of the living room : it takes time but you enjoy it everyday :)
There are six of them, one of which will only appear during the week-end, and they rotate depending on the hour of the day. Enjoy !

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Manage the frequency of your notifications

You probably alreay noticed the change in your inbox : we gave our notifications e-mails a new look ! We hope they are now better looking and easier to read, but this change also hides a new functionality. As we told you in March, you can now choose to receive fewer e-mails from Quizity !

Until now, the rule was : 1 notification = 1 e-mail. Today, you can choose to batch several notifications in one e-mail, for example a daily e-mail that will give you an update on what happened during the last 24 hours. Of course, you will only get an e-mail if you have unread notifications. You may choose among five profiles to determine the frequency at which you wish to receive your notification. It goes from nearly immediate notifications to weekly e-mails, or even no mails at all.

Go to your member account to set it up !

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A new design for the results

Today we release a new version of the page of quiz results ! We designed it with several objectives in mind :

- a greater look !
- slightly faster to load
- more compact results, understandable in the blink of an eye
- an easier to browse page with the suggestions which now come after the answers
- a page that makes it easy to play other quizes with more suggestions, presented in a nicer way
- a design which is now able to host... new features which are coming soon !

We also added a new slot with the best sellers from Amazon, presented in a nice caroussel. If you feel like buying one, don't hesitate anymore ;) To be completely transparent with you, if you click and buy a product, Amazon will give us a 5% commission on its price. This will help pay a small part of the monthly fees for Quizity's server.

We hope you like it :) See you soon !

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Videos from Vimeo in your quizes

Videos from Vimeo can now be included in your quizes ! If you do not know Vimeo, it is like Dailymotion, but rather specialised in educational and artistic videos.

However, Vimeo is know for suppressing videos they think are commercial, and forbidding embed on any website they don't like. So we suggest you stick to Youtube as much as possible for videos in your quizes :)

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E-mails : digital signature

Did you know that 90% of the e-mails sent in the world are spam ? For you internaut, it makes you waste you time when it reaches your inbox. For us webmasters, it is a serious issue because your mail providers are always stricter when it comes to spam filtering, and put us in the "Unwanted mail" folder. Can you believe that one person out of four does not even get the confirmation mail when registering on Quizity !

To ensure this issue does not happen again (or stays exceptional), we just implemented no less than four security norms used in anti-spam policy. All ou e-mails now provide a digital signature ! Furthermore, we moved our mail server to a better provider. It took us a whole week but should be worth the while : Gmail, Yahoo and the others will be able to verify that our messages are legitimate and indeed come from us. See you soon in your inbox :)

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Themes are back

Do you remember themes on Quizity ? It is the possibility we have to change the design on a number of pages, for a limited time. After a break, themes are back on Quizity and more evolved than ever !

Then the question is, what do we do with themes. The answer is mainly advertising, however it is not as bas as it sounds and we'd like to say a word on this. You know that quality is what matters at Quizity, more than anything else. We want you to browse the site with the best experience, that's why there is almost no ads at the time. Here, you'll never drown in horrideous Google ads as you would on so many other sites !

However, maintaining a website like Quizity costs money, especially if we decide to work full-time on it and to hire co-workers to innovate faster. The solution we chose is to advertise little, but advertise well ! We want ads not to bother you, but on the contrary, they should make Quizity look even prettier ! For the first time in our history, we have applied a theme on our homepage last week, to promote the new movie "Snow White : mirror mirror". We spent time on this to make the homepage look fantastic, we hope you appreciated. More will come, stay tuned !

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Log in and register with Facebook

Sorry, the deal we announced yesterday is off. Pringles couldn't afford the 500 million $ we're worth ! You are probably disappointed, especially the 3 great members who hoped to participate in our great Crisps Contest : Uluk7, Darkoh117 and Raphment. But don't worry guys, here at Quizity we always keep our promises and we are glad to offer each of you a fabulous can of Paprika Pringles ! For the others, if you were too late to participate, don't worry, we'll organize other contests later :)

Besides, we have a true announcement to make : we are now making Facebook Connect available on Quizity ! With Facebook, anyone can now log in with 1 click, or create a new account with 2 clicks ! Logging with Yahoo, Twitter or Google has also been improved on this occasion. We'll add other Facebook functionalities soon, stay tuned !

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A new rule on Quizity

Today we have an important announcement to make ! After two months of bargaining, Quizity now belongs to Pringles ! This company employs 400 people around the world and now wants to sell on the internet. In order to create buzz on its website and on social networks with exclusive and funny content, the company bought Quizity.com !

Don't worry, Quizity will stay free and open to everybody. With our new budget, we'll organize a contest where the player wins his weight in potatoe chips ! Outstanding new functionalities will be added, such as the possibility to send virtual cracker bags, and we'll open a shop where you can buy magnificient collector pencils with your points ! Multiplayer games will appear so you can defy your friends over exceptional games about the culture of potatoes !

At last, you should know we will just add a new rule, but you should quickly get used to it : all your new quizes will have to talk about crackers. And if you like to win points easily, rejoice : in April, each quiz about Bacon ou Cheese crips counts for two ! We hope you'll enjoy these novelties as much as we do, it starts tomorrow !

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Notifications have arrived

We talked about it in January and many of you couldn't wait to see it happen : we have just created a notification system on Quizity ! You will now see two new icons right next to the Quizity logo, at the top of the page when you are logged in !

Thanks to notifications, you can follow in real-time what's happening around you on Quizity. As of now, it is your private messages and the comment feeds you are subscribed to. Furthermore, a dedicated page allows you to check all your notifications over the last five days. In the immediate future, we will keep on sending you the e-mail alerts too, but we will soon make it possible for you to get fewer mails from us.

As usual, do not hesitate to leave feedback :)

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A referendum at Quizity

In these times of presidential elections, referendums are very trendy. Here at Quizity, we are not candidates but we have decided we'd hold one too, just for fun !

So here's the deal. Quizity's best ranked members are getting dangerously close to the current last level, that is level 36. The question is : do you wish there were a couple more levels on top of that ? Would you like to "finally" reach the last level, or would you be disappointed that the game is "already over" ?

We think of a level 37 at 100 000 points, and a final level 38 at 200 000 points. That way, they would be so hard to reach that they would be a kind of Holy Grail :) There will be new ways of winning points shortly though... What do you think ? Tell us down below !

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