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As as followup on our last article, we'd like to thank Themiz, Maddax and HugoSHOW for reporting the image upload issue in IE9. It is now fixed.

We know such bugs are annoying for you, just remember they are just as annoying for us ! Browsers evolve quickly, always at a faster pace. They break things on our site and it is exhausting for us too.

You should know that building a website is like buiding your own house. While you are focused on working on electricity, plumbing may break apart at any time. And when you add a new floor, you may damage the lower bedrooms ! And the bigger the house is, the more things may go wrong !

The point is, we can never be aware of everything and very often, you will notice bugs before we do ! So it's important that you report them to us if you want them fixed :)

PS: we've seen more issues in IE9 on the creation management page... a busy week-end is coming up !

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Updates for Firefox 4 and IE 8/9

We've had a great deal of work this week, producing bug fixes for quiz embedding and rankings !

Browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer evolve, particularly in their security settings, and this forces us to work on the website to adapt. Sometimes it can e quick, sometimes not so much. This time we had a hard time ! Everything should be working fine again now but please tell us if something looks wrong. Since we made so many modifications, we might have missed something.

And thanks to Molyy who detected a critical bug in Internet Explorer :)

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Image cropping tool

We have two new features on Quizity today, they should prove quite handy to be honest ! They are both related to the pictures you can add to your quizes.

The first innovation is the possibility to crop pictures on the fly. For example, if you want to keep only a part of a picture, you won't need a photo editing software anymore ! In just two clicks, you define a zone on the picture and the rest will be ignored.

The second new feature is the possibility to upload pictures whithout even being a logged in member ! This will not be very useful for you registered members, but it's very important for new visitors. They will now be able to create a quiz from A to Z and preview it without having to register ! This is perfect to test the website and see how handy it is. It's only when you want to save a quiz that you have to register.

To demonstrate this, here is a quiz (in French) which was made in a few minutes thanks to the new cropping tool. Enjoy yourselves :)

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Quiz embed with iFrames

We have an important new feature this week : embed quizes on external websites with an iFrame !

Until now, the only technology we offered to embed a quiz on a distant website was also the most powerful : Javascript. From now on, iFrames can also be used. iFrames are less practical than Javascript for several reasons but have the nice advantage of being allowed on more websites.

Here is an exemple. This is a bad example because Blogger also accepts Javascript, but the technology is here.

This means that with this evolution, Quizity can now be used on millions more websites, for example most forums and many mutualized blog platforms.

As it is not trivial to properly configure an iFrame for it to adapt to the rest of your website, we made a tool that will automatically analyze your design to adapt the quiz accordingly ! If that is not enough, it can be configured by hand although this requires some technical skills (for now). We will help you if you need !

This technical development considerably increases Quizity's reach and should make many more people interested in the service. Let's see what happens !

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New subscriptions to comments

We are glad to announce the immediate availability of comments subscriptions on Quizity !

It has probably occured to you that when you leave a comment on somebody's quiz, you have to come back later to see if the person has responded to your message. Not so handy ! Or sometimes, interesting conversations appear just like on Elena's quiz, and you'll never know unless you play that quiz at the right time.

That won't happen anymore : you can now be warned everytime someone leaves a comment on a particular quiz, blog article or profile page !

Moreover, you won't need to subscribe to everything to know what's happening on Quizity, all you need to do is check our new latest comments page, accessible via the Infos dropdown menu.

We're going to be able to communicate more easily on Quizity, we thought this was important for a website like Quizity where people (mostly) like to speak with good temper :)

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Captcha and antispam

A rather funny story happened to us this morning !

To keep it short, about 50 new members registered within a few minutes. We thought that was strange, so we activated a new anti-spam system on Quizity ! New members will see it as a captcha question at registration but there's more.

Anyway, we then studied the case a bit further... and discovered that the 50 registrations seemed legitimate ! The members appear to be students or so it seems. So our best guess is, a teacher asked his class to connect to Quizity and create educative quizes !

In the end, there was no reason to panic, and furthermore it's great news for Quizity ! Maybe one of our new members could tell us what happened exactly ? :)

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First articles about Quizity on the web

Great news ! we are thrilled to see the first blog articles about Quizity appear on the Web !

The first article has been published on Slygeek.fr, which tested the service and integrated a quiz in the article at the same time.

The second article belongs to the Moderator's blog which visited us this morning. And no later than this afternoon, they felt like writing a second article to publish their own quiz :)

We feel grateful to them, thanks ! Traffic figures went accordingly well : we had an audience peek and for the first time, the majority of games were played from external websites !

All this animation made us realize we will soon need more tools and more functionnalities to serve our public... More info soon ;)

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New page for subcategories

We now have a nice number of quizes on Quizity, no less than... 336 !! To find their way, newcomers are more and more inclined to browse the website by category rather than chronological order : Cinema, Music, Culture... and the click on a subcategory to choose something to play to.

So we rebuilt the subcategories pages in order for it to display all quizes and suggest recommendations in a much nicer way. Example : the page of cinema actors and actresses. On top of it, the changes will make Quizity faster and better indexed in Google.

However we need your help : a number of categories still feature no quizes ! It is disappointing for a visitor to click on "Chemistry" for example and find nothing but an empty page. What we propose, if you have some time and feel like it, is that you manage to fill every category with at least one quiz ! Choose the categories as you wish, you'll see that there are several subjects left to explore :)

Domfront already participated with great quizes in History and Painting. I don't know how you feel about it, but we like the idea that Quizity may be a fun database on any subjects, this is very refreshing :)

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Modification of the points system

You may have noticed that until today, you could win more points when playing a quiz you had already played more than 40 days ago. As a consequence, only the quizes played during the last 30 days were grayscaled. That was not so handy to remember which quizes had been played.

This behaviour was mainly justified by technical reasons but a member made us realize it was not very fair :/ So we found a solution in order to win points only the first time a quiz is played, and quizes will stay grayscaled much longer !

Accounts have already been updated, just reconnect to see the change. By the way, we have introduced a semi-permanent connection that will stay active until after a week of inactivity. Thanks EmyYû for the advice, enjoy ;)

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The Quizity community

Many excellent quizes have appeared on Quizity during the last weeks (at least on the French version of the site) and you have been a few to send us a message to help us and encourage us. We wanted to thank you for that ! Thank you Clea, Domfront, EmyYû, Greg, Maddax, TTao, Waoouh and all of you who come by frequently.

We are still a small community but the quality of your quizes is really high, so is the quality of our members. If you take a look at our competitors, they can hardly compare to you ! Let's hope it will stay that way when many more players join us :)

By the way, here is some news about what's going on here : after a series of very short nights, we have eventually completed our migration to the cloud and we solved a dozen bugs everywhere. We also started a communication campaign, we'll see what comes up in the coming days and weeks. On this occasion, we made it possible for our partner websites to display a banner on top of their profile page, like this.

Now we're back on adding new fonctionalities, we'll keep you updated :)

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