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Quizity's all dressed up

We have just built a new introduction page to Quizity, available from the "About Quizity" button !

Ok, this will not change much to gameplay, however it's important for Quizity to "dress up" to seduce our new visitors, who are more numerous everyday ! It's a good thing that we have traffic, still we have to explain quickly what Quizity has to offer, so people come back. It will also save time to people who are jut curious about what we do here :)

Apart from that, we have spent a couple weeks working on the scaling capabilities of the site : cache engine, possibility of a server migration, content sent to cloud infrastructure providers... Because when a website becomes popular, so many technical issues can rise ! Anyway we do our best to ensure the service won't be affected.

Here we go, this article was a bit more abstract and technical than usual, but that's part of Quizity's life after all :)

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New : private messaging

We have just released a private messaging system on Quizity !

As you can guess, it will allow you to communicate with other members of Quizity confidentially. It also keeps track of the quizes you share with the "Send to a friend" button that you can find on the left of quiz pages.

The system is inspired by the Facebook inbox, so you should figure out pretty quickly how it works.

As always, don't hesitate to make any suggestions and feedback as we're always happy to hear them.

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Quizity in video

Our first video presentation of Quizity has just been released ! It is in French but an English version will come soon.

The video lasts for 3mn 25s and gives a good overview of what you can do on Quizity. You may even discover a few options you haven't tried yet ! And if you go a little further, you'll see we haven't said it all :)

This video is an important step for us since it will help us communicate about the service and grow our community. Don't hesitate to share it with your friends, we'll spread it as well ;)

The soundtrack is "Praise you" by Fatboy Slim, in the version of the Cruel Intentions OST. The video is available on YouTube. Enjoy !

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Quizity's blog

Quizity's blog is now hosted by us, no longer on a Google blog !

Having our blog here is a way to be closer to you. You are most welcome to leave comments on articles to react on the subject of your choice !

We will do the same for the forum, some time later. For now, it is still hosted at Free for security reasons and it requires you to create an account but it will change.

We'll often give you articles to read, promise :)

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Automatic recovery on Quizity

Promises are made to be kept ! As of today January 1st, we offer you a functionnality only a few websites have in the world...

At least once in your life, you have probably lost hours of hard work after your computer suddenly crashed ? or because you inadvertently left a webpage ? Well this will never happen again on Quizity with our new automatic recovery feature !

If you leave the creation page for some reason without having saved the latest modifications of your creation, an automatic data recovery will be available next time you come back to Quizity !

So if you PC crashes, if Quizity is unavailable for a few minutes or if you have to leave to do something else, no problem ! You can shut down the browser and even shut down your machine, and come back later to save the quiz.

We use one of the latest HTML5 features to do this, called "local storage". Basically, this means the quiz is temporarily saved on your computer, before we can save it on Quizity and keep it safe. This functionnality is available in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 8 or greater.

No more lost quizes, no need to save every 30 seconds anymore : feel confident ! Have fun !

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Happy new year !

The Quizity team hopes you had a merry Christmas and wishes you an excellent year in 2011 !

As far as we are concerned, our New Year's resolution is to bring you always more fun to play and create quizes, with an always more beautiful, handy and fun website ! And since 2011 starts tomorrow... we'll announce new revolutionnary features tomorrow !

Happy new year everybody !

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A few figures for December

Christmas is coming and gifts are on their way, it's a good time to give away a few figures to show that Quizity is doing good !

We've had the pleasure to welcome our 150th member a few days ago, his name is TTao !

Talking about round numbers, you are now 50 fans of Quizity on Facebook to be kept updated on our latest evolutions and great quizes :)

A last figure : through the last 6 months, you have been 50% more visitors each month to visit us and play ! Thank you for your loyalty and stay with us, it's only going to be better !

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Quizity and communication

We rarely talk about communication on this blog but this is about to change ! We will concentrate our efforts on this in 2011. Quizity shall become a popular website, full of good quizes and nice members :)

We are now preparing a short video to introduce the website and registering to a number of web directories to improve our ranking in Google. Good results are already apparent as we are showing up in Google's first results pages !

A few weeks more and we'll be a lot more, that is our objective :) We already have several members producing high quality quizes, we hope very much that other great people like them will join us. The more the merrier !

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You can now create in Chrome and Safari

We have good news for Google Chrome and Safari users : we worked on the creation interface to make it compatible with these browsers.

There are still a few small imperfections compared to Mozilla Firefox but the should be acceptable for Chrome supporters. Enjoy creating new quizes !

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Quiz rankings on your website !

We have just completed a big projet to bring you, once more, a service that is unique on the web ! It's the possibility to export rankings on your own website ! An example is available in the right column of this blog page.

Beside these rankings that we are about to detail, we added support for a bunch of customization options so that quizes fit in always perfectly in your website. You can even embed several quizes in the same page now without a problem !

Getting back to the rankings, you'll be able to choose whether to display the global ranking or a custom ranking dedicated to the members of your website, at any location in your page.

Example : imagine that Bob, Sally and Jane all played the same quiz, but only Sally and Jane played it from your website through the quiz embed. Then you can choose to display your custom ranking that will only show Sally and Jane, not Bob. This access control on the ranking can be very useful in some cases !

You can discover the rest of the new features by giving a try to the embed tool ;)

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