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Documentation of quiz embedding

For all developers and webmasters who wish to easily integrate a quiz on their website, we have released a complete documentation of our webservices.

It will be updated regularly when we add more features, and you'll see there will be some !

Feel free to give us some feedback, questions or remarks are welcome :)

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New pictures for monsters at levelup ?

What do you think about the level pictures currently used on Quizity ? Because of a lack of time, we have been using pictures that were not drawn by us, but that will change.

We have started the first sketches of a new series of monsters, but what you like them to look like in the end ? What are you favorite monsters in the current pictures ?

Apart from that, we have quite improved our capacity to use nice skins to promote quizes ! See an example on this Lady Gaga quiz. The objective is to earn more with (quality) advertising than what Quizity costs us one day, but also to enjoy ourselves with a nice look once in a while :)

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OpenId and oAuth are now supported

If you are one of Quizity's registered members and are tired of giving your login and password everytime you need to connect, rejoice : we have just brought you a solution !

From now on we'll be supporting OpenID and oAuth protocols. Basically, this means you'll be able to log in Quizity in 1 click via Twitter, Google, Yahoo and many other services.

To do this, when the login window pops up, just click on the provider icon you want. You will be redirected to this service to authenticate just once. Then all you'll have to do next time you want to connect is click on the icon again and that will be it. Simple, isn't it ?

We don't have the possibility to create an account with these providers yet but it will come. Facebook support will also be enabled at some point.

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Subscription : improved user experience

We have added a lot of new functionnalities this week to provide a full review of the user experience !

For example, we made registration much easier. You will no longer have to go to a dedicated page as we now use a simple overlay that will pop-up when you finish a quiz or want to save a creation. It takes no more than 30 seconds to register !

We also reduced how much information is required : only what could be legally necessary.

Another great new feature : you can now play without being logged in, and connect only after you answered the quiz : the points will still be added to your account in a retroactive fashion !

If you have more ideas to improve your browsing on Quizity, tell us !

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New rules and legal terms on Quizity

Quizity now has a new set of Terms of use and Rules which have been elaborated by a great jurist.

If you do not agree with the Terms, feel free to unsubscribe by sending us a mail.

We wish to offer you always more services with professional quality and for free, and as you can see, we're quite serious about it :)

Many thanks to Samuel for his previous help !

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Detailed statistics for your scores

We're back from holidays, time for new features to bloom on Quizity !

Today it's a new set of statistics that have been added at the end of quizes, they will help you locate you level in comparison to the other members.

These stats are represented in a very visual way, with a histogram and a pie chart. We also took the opportunity to simplify the rest of the page as well, so you can understand your results in the blink of an eye and switch easily to another quiz !

We hope you'll like it and stay tuned, we have much more coming to Quizity !

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Quizity is on holiday

The summer is hot and Quizity's team is going on holiday, we hope you enjoy your vacation too if you have some !

Of course we're still active to maintain the service and improve a whole lot of details, sometimes visible, sometimes not. But the biggest projects are suspended until September.

Ok now, enjoy you holidays and see you soon !

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Automatic translation of your quiz

As we thought we needed to do even more to help you translate your quizes, we proudly announce our new automatic quiz translation feature !

On your quiz management page, you'll find a "Translate" button that will let you choose the language you want to translate in. The service is powered by Google Translate.

Only French and English are currently supported, but as Quizity spreads to other languages, they will be added too !

We'd like to stress the fact that this tool is far from perfect though, it will never be enough to get a nice translation. You still have to give it a review to make sure everything is correct !

Think of foreign players, they don't want to see awfully wrong quizes, or quizes that don't have anything to do with what they know !
We trust you to use this tool wisely :)

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New : duplicate your quizes

If you have already tried to translate a quiz, you have probably noticed it can be quite tedious : you have to recreate the same number of questions than the original, the answers as well, switch between browsers tabs to know what you have to translate next, etc.

That's why today we add a feature that will save you time : quiz replication !

It is very simple, this function will just "clone" one of your quizes. Then all you have to do is modify fields contents and save it. French-speaking members should appreciate the comfort :) This function is available right now from you "Manage my creations" interface.

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Quizity in French - and others

A short blog post today to tell you that we have improved the language detection on Quizity.

You will now be able to switch from English to French (maybe more languages one day !) very easily, without having to reconnect or wondering if all changes have been applied in your account.

Bonne visite sur Quizity :)

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