Vision screening for children

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How important a vision screening is to detect sight problems

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Question 1

How many children could be affected by amblyopia?

Question 2
Another name for this condition is...

Eye strain
Lazy sight
Lazy eye
Question 3
Amblyopia can cause...

Only fatigue
To undergo a surgery
Question 4
How many goals are there when performing an exam?

Question 5
Why is it so important to identify the problem as early as possible?

Because it's the only way to treat the problem
To prevent pain
The younger, the better the treatment works
Question 6
When does it become much more difficult to identify the condition?

For teenagers
7-8 years old
Question 7
According to this video, where can vision screenings be performed?

Only with an optometrist
When children enter school
In almost any day care center
Question 8
What is the system used in this video?

A lensometer
A scan gun
A laptop is enough
Question 9
How long is the screening?

Some minutes
It may take some time because kids are impatient
The time the child remains still
Question 10
What about the results?

Seconds are enough to get the information
They are sent to parents' home
They are sent to the eye specialist for comprehensive examinations
Question 11
What is commonly unknown in kids?

That they squint
That they've got a blurry vision
That they love wearing glasses!
Question 12
What was the only clue the first mother had concerning her child's problems of vision?

He failed at school
He sat too close to watch TV
Nothing could tell her he had a sight problem
Question 13
What is the last message given by the same mother?

She would recommend parents to take their kinds to an ophthalmologist
She says they'd rather do the eye screening if they feel there is a problem
Even if parents don't think their kids are concerned, she strongly recommends them to make kids undergo an eye screening

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