Grammar and optics + understanding a video

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Combination of general grammar but using vocabulary in Optics

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Question 1
Choose the correct sentence

People needn't check their vision regularly
People regularly should to go to the ophthalmologist
We all must regularly do a vision test
Question 2
Which of these words is not part of the spectacles?

Question 3
Which of these words is not an optical instrument

Grinding wheel
Focal length
Question 4
How do you say DMLA in English

Question 5
Nearsightedness is...

A problem seeing close objects
A problem for which people can't undergo a surgery
A problem seeing far objects
Question 6
What is the difference between Lasik and Lasek

With Lasik the cut is thicker
Lasik can only be done for astigmatism
Lasik is for farsighted and nearsighted patients
Question 7

Choose the correct answer after watching the video:

A South London Optician changed the life of villagers in East Africa
A North London Optician changed the life of villagers in East Africa
A North London Optician changed the life of villagers in West Africa
Question 8
The journalist says he's

Worn glasses all his life
Using glasses for reading
Starting to become old
Question 9
The journalist explains

People's glasses can be sorted
In some parts of the world having sight problems is not mainstream
People in Africa die because of sight problems
Question 10
The optician presented in this video

Works in a London hospital
Works with people affected by cataract in London
Partners with a hospital for cataract problems overseas
Question 11
He managed to raise

Almost 5,000 pounds
More than 15,000 pounds
£ 15,000
Question 12
It represented

Almost 100 eye operations
1,000 people undergoing surgery
Almost 1,000 eye surgeries
Question 13
Moreover, he

Gave around 15,000 spectacles with the help of customers
Supplied, along with the help of customers, some 5,000 eyeglasses
Delivered to customers 50,000 glasses
Question 14
It was

A great change for villagers and for the company
A great change for people in Ghana
A first step in change
Question 15
Going from dark to light, people felt

Question 16
The optician

Can't understand why anyone tried to help them
Accepts it's not a simple thing
Knows that a lot of people have already helped them
Question 17
The surgery lasts

From 15 to 30 minutes
More than half an hour
An hour
Question 18
After the surgery

People are helped by the community
People have to wait before helping their own community
Are able to help again their community
Question 19
One example mentionned in this video is

A former teacher who is now retired
A teacher who decided to stop to work
The teacher of the village forced to stop working
Question 20
The man suffered from cataracts

During 3 years
The last 2 years
But he wasn't completely blind
Question 21
The man now can

Get a new job
Help others with a degree
Marry his daughter
Question 22
The optician

Insists on describing how happy people were
Can't really describe how happy people were
Is afraid of describing if people were really happy
Question 23
The journalist explains

The optician goes often to see the people he met in Ghana
The optician won't be able to go back there because of his shop
The optician considers people in Ghana became his friends
Question 24
According to the journalist

The optician and his new friends really change people's life
The optician and his new friends receive a lot of recognition
The optician and his new friends don't want to change people's life
Question 25
The last message of this video is

That without sight people can't live
Sight is as important as life itself
This optician gave people in Ghana a present as important as life itself

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